JackPot club

Rules indicated below are an agreement between the guests of the gaming club (Player) and the OreCoinGames club itself (hereinafter - OreCoinGames). After registering on the website, the Player automatically agrees to these terms and conditions. We highly recommend that you check this section every month, re-read the rules, as OreCoinGames reserves the right to change them without notifying the Player.

It is the responsibility of a registered Player to re-read all the rules monthly. OreCoinGames can change the current rules without notifying users in advance.

Registration in the OreCOinGames Club

People under the age of 18 year, are not eligible to register on OreCoinGames Website. Minors are not allowed to play in OreCoinGames, or participate in lotteries, promotions, tournaments and in other club events. In addition registration is restricted for:

  • Employees of OreCoinGames Club;
  • Participants of partnership programs;
  • Providers with related services;
  • Relatives of all the above.

In case of violation of these conditions, the user is automatically recognized as a fraudster by the club administration.

It should also be taken into consideration that in a number of countries online gambling is prohibited. If you are from a country with similar legislation, then you automatically take the full responsibility for violations of laws. We recommend that you carefully review the current legislation before registering on our website.

After registering on OreCoinGames website, you will automatically get your personal profile, where the following data will be shown:

  • Surname, Name;
  • Date of Birth;
  • Phone number;
  • Email address.

The client is allowed to have only one active account on the website. In case of detecting the presence of multiple gaming accounts of a particular player, OreCoinGames reserves the right to close all existing accounts and compensate for potential losses from the funds held by them.

OreCoinGames administration reserves the right to modify and supplement the list of Player’s personal information. In turn, the club guarantees complete confidentiality of Player’s data. The administration also emphasizes that OreCoinGames does not take responsibility for the funds, bonuses and personal data of a Player, if he granted third party access to his account.

OreCoinGames Club’s Promotions, Bonuses and Jackpots

Before participating in various bonus programs organized by OreCoinGames, the player must carefully read the provisions of the club’s bonus policy and must adhere to the established conditions. More detailed information on the accrual of bonuses is presented in the “Bonuses” section. Please note that with the activation of some types of Coin bonuses, it is possible to temporary impose restrictions for the period of wagering bonus conditions.

The bonus programs are coordinated by a special department of the OreCoinGames club. The club may cancel any promotion without notifying the Player in advance. Note that a Play may be disqualified if he/she violates the established rules of the action. The independently applicable rules include each submitted standard on holding a promotion in the OreCoinGames club. If one of the rules is unsuitable for implementation, all the others are immutable and mandatory.

ATTENTION! Registration bonuses can be activated only by making a deposit during registration. If you close the window with an offer to activate the bonus and replenish the deposit, then the bonus will be cancelled and will not appear anymore!

How to get Jackpots?

The jackpot is played randomly among all players participating in certain games. The list of games is presented in the corresponding section of the website. That list can be changed and supplemented at any time.

Mailing and Notifications

OreCoinGames can do a mailing to the e-mail specified by the Player. In particular, the club has the right to inform about upcoming promotions and contests, as well as news and completed transactions. By registering on the website, the player agrees to receive promotional materials via email. If client wants to unsubscribe, it can be done through contacting the support.

Features of OreCoinGames Club’s 1 - Click Services

Each payment on the club resource is carried out as part of the 1-Click service. By accepting the rules, the Player automatically confirms the legitimacy of his actions - using the services of OreCoinGames.

Replenishment of the balance is possible in the "Funds" section. The Player has an opportunity to replenish his/her balance with the help of any presented ways. We should also emphasize that the Player agrees to pay for the services he ordered at the club and pay additional expenses (taxes, fees, etc.), if necessary.

The player agrees to additional costs (duties, taxes, etc.) if necessary.

Please note that the payment service provider is not responsible for the timely execution of the payments that the Player has ordered. In addition, the provider is not responsibe for the legality of the actions performed by the user.

If the Player has submitted an application, this means that he confirms the absence of violation of the current legislation. Clicking on the “Deposit” button makes the payment made automatically processed and not subject to cancellation. If the Player decides to refuse any service for further operations, he/she should issue a refusal by logging into his Personal Account.

The provider does not take responsibility if the Player’s data cannot be processed. The provider also does not take responsibility for the failure of the payment system to make payments from the Player’s account. If the user does not agree with these conditions, he/she shall contact the gaming club support.

OreCoinGames Club betting and payout regulations

Every bet is accepted using official OreCoinGames software. The use of other software is unacceptable. OreCoinGames reserves the right to withdraw incorrectly accrued funds from the Player’s account in case of technical malfunction.

If the Player does not make a single transaction within six months, the administration may close the user’s account after that period. If there are funds in the client’s account at that moment, they will be debited.

If the operation of the OreCoinGames software reveals any technical malfunction that has caused the accidental crediting of funds to the player’s game account, the OreCoinGames club reserves the right to write off the amount of winnings and bonuses accrued due to this technical malfunction.

Both bonuses and refunds are made only after confirmation of the Player's phone number and email. The administration has the right to make identification measures. The user must provide the necessary information to confirm their identity. To confirm the identity of the Player, the administration may hold a video conference. The user account can be blocked until the real identity of the Player is established.

Features of applying to receive the gains:

  • Withdrawals are made in the same way as they are deposited;
  • Withdrawal is possible only if there are no active bonuses in the Player’s account;
  • Minimum withdrawal amount - set individually for each payment system. Details are available on the "Funds" page;
  • If the sum of withdrawals is more than 15 000 Coin in total, then OreCoinGames reserves the right to identify the player’s identity. This procedure is carried out to improve the security of the client.

The list of available payment systems for depositing and withdrawing funds is available on the "Funds" page. For additional information, you can contact OreCoinGames club support.

Withdrawal of the player’s funds is possible only after the full condition on the wagering bonus is fulfilled, which is equal to 3 * the amount of the bonus received during the deposit. If a player wants to complete a withdrawal before this condition is met, then in this case OreCoinGames reserves the right to charge 20% fee of the withdrawn amount and the full amount of unplayed bonuses.

The processing timeframe of the request is 24 hours. We remind you that payment systems may charge fees.

Deposit Restriction

  • Deposit fee - 0%.
  • Deposit is credited after 20 confirmations.
  • One-time deposit limits from 100 to 100 000 Coin (If no bonus modes are selected).
  • Replenishment takes place according to the following formula: (coins price * quantity) * bitcoin usd_price
  • For example: The price of a particular coin is 0.000006 btc, Price of bitcoin is $ 8000 Replenishment per 1000 coins occurs as follows: 0.000006х1000х8000 = 48 credits (orecoin). The withdrawal occurs in the same way based on the price of the coin and Bitcoin

Withdrawal Restriction

  • Withdraw fee - 0%.
  • Withdraw is processed within 24 hours.
  • Withdrawal of 5000 credits during 24 hours. More than 5000 credits 7 days.Withdraw is done with the same coin that was deposited.
  • Deposit replenishment in a new coin is possible only with a zero balance.The creation of a new withdrawal request is carried out after the receipt of funds from the previous application. 
  • Otherwise there will be a loss of balance and funds.